Flesh & Bone

David Ondrick - Flesh and Bone

20 Oct Flesh & Bone

Check out the samples and get into the vibes of this unique and hypnotizing project from Brooklyn saxophonist David Ondrick. This disc has a mesmerizing and ecclectic blend of reggae, jazz, mento, and salsa delivered with top notch production. Featuring vocalists Sharon Williams, Patrick Gordon, and poet Oku Onuora, along with veteran studio artists like Andy Bassford, Courtney Panton, Horace James, Robie Hewitt, Junior Wedderburn, Larry McDonald, and Clark Gayton among others. A must have for lovers of jazz and reggae!

The album is produced by multi-instrumentalist and composer David Ondrick. The project features his soaring alto and tenor sax melodies, backed up solidly by a very diverse and amazingly talented group of musicians. Players on this project have toured the world with renowned groups like Toots & the Maytals, Sting, Maxi Priest, Shaggy, Capleton, Israel Vibration, The Machito Orchestra, and Glen Washington, just to name a few.

The CD contains an ecclectic mix of tunes that fuse reggae, jazz and even dub poetry, creating a unique sound that Ondrick has coined “jazzDub”. The players really get a chance to open up on these arrangements. You’ll hear Oku Onuoru’s haunting poetry on the track “Here I Am”, Clarke Gayton tearing up a trombone solo on “Latin Manhattan, (with section work from late great Machito trombonist Gerald Chamberlain), Karl Wright’s unique drumming style on “Latin Manhattan”, Andy Bassford’s precision guitars on “Lively Bounce”, bass riffs from Courtney Panton on the title track “Flesh & Bone”, as well as beautiful piano work by Horace James on the classic, “My Mother’s Eyes”.

Title: Flesh and Bone:
Produced by: David Ondrick for Duplex Music

Vocals: Oku Onuora, Patrick Gordon, Sharon Williams
Bass: Courtney Panton, David Ondrick, David Cuite
Drums: David “Robbie” Hewitt, Karl Wright, Cornell Marshal
Guitars: Andy Bassford, Rich Tozzoli, Hernan Romero
Percussion: Larry MacDonald, Courtney Panton, Junior Wedderburn
Keyboards: Horace James
Alto and Tenor Sax: David Ondrick
Trombone: Clarke Gayton, Gerry Chamberlain
Melodica: Monty Mento
Trumpet: Rolf LangsJoen
Digeridoo: Aaron Ryder

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