FRED LOCKS: Love Don’t Take No Holiday P-TAH: Accompong

FRED LOCKS: Love Don’t Take No Holiday P-TAH: Accompong

WARNING: These tracks may cause you to press repeat.
Side A contains a great international collaboration with classic Jamaican vocalist Fred Locks performing over a crisp new roots sound from Duplex Music producer David O. Vocal production by P-Tah in Jamaica was handled at the studio of Computer Paul, and mixing and mastering happened in New York under the watchful eye of “The Enhancer”. The Fred Locks track has a real Dennis Brown feel and is sure to please. The second track is an effects laden trippy dub version and the last track is a jazzy dub version featuring a sax and melodica duet with David O and Monty Mento.

Side B is a dub chillout gem with great vocal from P-Tah on track 1, followed by a slamming guitar DUB from “The Enhancer” Rich Tozzoli, and the side finishes up with a hardcore rootsie live DUB version from P-TAH ala the old school masters like King Tubby.

Available exclusively on Vinyl for this first run, look for this release to make its way to CD and I-Tunes in the near future.

Musicians appearing on this Duplex Music release:
Side A:
Vocals: Fred Locks, backing vocals by Stevie Face
Bass: Courtney Panton, David O
Drums: David “Robbie” Hewitt
Guitar: Andy Bassford
Percussion: Peter Seale, David O
Keyboards: Horace James, DavidO
Alto and Tenor Sax: David Ondrick

Side B:
Vocals: P-Tah, backing vocals by David O
Bass: David Hines, P-TAH
Drums: David “Robbie” Hewitt
Guitar: Rich Tozzoli
Percussion: Peter Seale, David O
Sonic Enhancement: Rich Tozzoli
Keyboards: P-TAH
Tenor Sax: David Ondrick